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Maximo Communities and User Groups


Maximo Communities

Maximo communities and user groups are typically independent, volunteer-based groups that provide a means to discuss and share ideas and answers to everyday problems or best practices recommendations in an informal setting.  Listed here are some of the prominent industry communities focused on Maximo.

IBM hosts an Annual Customer Conference called “InterConnect” that includes a major focus on Maximo.  The IBM InterConnect conference is a large annual IBM Service Management event that is intended to bring together a community of IBM Customers, Business Partners, industry analysts, and technical experts to discuss the latest technology and best practices in the Service Management industry.  The conference mainly focuses on IBM Tivoli, Maximo and Tivoli Netcool products and solutions.

Maximo User Groups

Facilities Management Maximo Users Group (FMMUG)

The Facilities Management Maximo Users Group ( represents Maximo users who focus on asset and service management throughout the facilities management industry.

Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG)

The Maximo Utility Working Group ( represents Maximo users in the electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility industry.  This group is an industry group representing over 145 utility companies, counties and cities throughout the U.S., Canada, China, South Africa, Pakistan, Japan, and the Caribbean that exchange information related to the implementation and application of the Maximo asset management system. Two workshops are held each year, one in the Spring/Summer, the other in Fall/Winter. If you are a licensed Maximo user and meet the criteria of the charter you can attend a workshop. (

There are also established programs for soliciting and incorporating customer input into IBM’s  products and services these include: Customer Advisory Boards, Industry Roundtables at the Customer Conference  and the Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) which is very active and strong in the utility space.

Other Industry Oriented User Groups

  • Airport Maximo User Group
  • ANZ Maximo Airport User Group
  • Education Maximo User Group
  • Global Maximo Oil/Gas User Group
  • IBM Maximo Marine & Offshore User Group
  • Life Sciences Maximo User Group Maximo
  • Calibration Special Interest Group
  • Maximo ITSM User Group
  • Maximo Supply Chain User Group
  • Maximo Transportation User Group

Other Maximo User Groups