Continuing with our decades-plus commitment, Starboard Consulting was proud to once again be a Platinum Sponsor of the Spring Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) in April 2021!

Founded in 1998, the MUWG conference is the longest-running Maximo User Group. Its committee members continue to find innovative ways to bring Maximo Clients, Business Partners and IBMers together with its most recent virtual conference on April 20 – 22. The MUWG’s commitment to the #MaximoCommunity is without compare.

Thank you to IBM for sponsoring the Spring MUWG. Their presentations on the Maximo Application Suite, including its roadmap, upgrade, technical details, mobile and licensing were very much appreciated by all.

A small sampling of the 2021 Spring MUWG conference highlights that stood out to the Starboard team included:

1. The introduction of the Maximo User Group for Mobile (MUGM)! Starboard initiated this User Group, and we are so excited to see it grow to a software and hardware agnostic-mobile community led by Maximo Users! Want to learn more? Join the MUGM LinkedIn Group.

Spring MUWG NYPA Session2. We loved the conversational dialog between NYPA’s George Perry and IBM’s Kareem Yusuf. Topics ranged from the importance of ISO 55000 to how Maximo helped NYPA during the pandemic. George and Kareem also discussed how NYPA embraces the continuing evolution of technology with change management, intuitive features and internal and external partnerships.

MUWG Spring Hoosier Starboard Session3. Starboard was thrilled to highlight its 14-year partnership with Hoosier Energy in our lightning talk. Hoosier’s 14 year methodical approach to Maximo – ‘Start with the basics and grow with your user base’ – was engaging and inspiring.

4. We all continued to learn more about the Maximo Application Suite and its features of enabling multiple Asset Management applications in one Suite of Products.

5. And we also learned Wilson’s first name is Mike and 11453 is a mechanical seal during a laugh-packed Trivia Session during Starboard’s Happy Hour! Huge thank you to all who attended, and congratulations to our Trivia winners!

There were so many other engaging sessions including the client presentations from TVA, NYPA and Con Edison, and the always popular Industry Roundtable Discussions. Huge thank you to all presenters for their time and commitment in sharing their Maximo information with the community.

Starboard is looking forward already to the next MUWG conference in the Fall! And whether it is virtual, face-to-face or hybrid – we look forward to our continued engagement within our Maximo community!

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