Built for your specific Industry needs

Maximo Industry Solutions supplement Maximo’s Enterprise Asset Management feature set.  These Industry Solutions are architected for the unique business and regulatory requirements of capital-intensive industries.  These Industry Solutions include: 

Maximo for Utilities:  Offers integrated work and asset management for transmission and distribution Utilities.  The unqiue feature set includes compatible unit estimating (CUE), crew management, meter management and GIS integration.

Maximo for Transportation: Improves the productivity of critical transportation assets while addressing stringent regulatory requirements. This solution manages transportation assets including cars, trucks, buses, rail, and ships. It has advanced asset management capabilities for asset status, meters, component and position codes, warranties and more.

Maximo for Oil and Gas: Provides best pactices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of these critical assets.  It additionally provides  failure reporting features, verification of qualifications for labor or tasks, and support for ISO 14224 reliability data.

Add-On Products to supplement your growth

Clients can extend the features of Maximo with these popular Add-On products which include:

Maximo Spatial:  Provides users with the visibility to see complex GIS information. This solution provides a geospatial context of work, assets and relevant land-based features, which improves reliability, longevity, and efficient work execution.  Read more about Starboard’s Spatial expertise here

Maximo Scheduler: Allows planners to create a reliable work schedule and has tools to seamlessly dispatch assignments to field technicians.  Scheduler enables planners to view all work orders and forecasted activities in a Gantt chart so that they can be grouped logically and scheduled optimally.

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