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Introducing the Maximo Application Suite (MAS)

Hailed as the future of intelligent asset management, IBM has officially launched the Maximo Application Suite, or MAS. Combining cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud computing, this suite revolutionizes the way businesses manage their assets, from a single platform. From predictive maintenance and reliability planning, to comprehensive asset monitoring, MAS empowers organizations with intelligent and data-driven asset management solutions.


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Key Features of IBM Maximo Application Suite Include:

Intelligent Asset Management: Leverage the power of AI and IoT to optimize asset performance, extend lifecycles, and reduce operational downtime.

Cloud-Based Solution: Seamlessly access essential asset management applications from anywhere, anytime, using the robust and secure cloud infrastructure.

Predictive Maintenance: Stay ahead of costly breakdowns and optimize maintenance schedules with advanced predictive maintenance software.

Reliability Planning: Strategically plan and optimize asset reliability through proactive maintenance strategies and data-driven insights.


Benefits of IBM Maximo Application Suite Include:

Enhanced Asset Performance: Maximize the performance of your assets by leveraging AI, IoT, and advanced analytics to intelligently optimize asset management processes.

Reduced Costs and Downtime: Streamline critical processes, automate workflows, and minimize operational downtime, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

Comprehensive Monitoring: Gain real-time visibility into asset health, performance, and utilization with powerful asset monitoring capabilities.

Starboard Consulting - Your Trusted MAS Experts

When it comes to implementing and maximizing the benefits of IBM Maximo Application Suite, trust the expertise of Starboard Consulting, the industry leader in enterprise asset management software. As an authorized reseller and implementer of Maximo and MAS, Starboard Consulting offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, whether it’s deploying the software, providing maintenance support, or delivering training to your team.

Discover the unlimited potential of IBM Maximo Application Suite for your enterprise, and unlock the power of intelligent asset management. Contact Starboard Consulting today to learn how we can help you harness the power of AI, IoT, and cloud-based asset management software to optimize your asset performance, reduce costs, and achieve operational excellence.

Extendable Applications for Maximum Capabilities

Built on years of software research and development, MAS expands Maximo’s capabilities to offer a comprehensive suite of advanced maintenance, AI, AR, and reliability applications in a single platform.

With MAS, you gain expanded access to cutting-edge asset performance and predictive management applications, enabling increased operational visibility throughout the entire life cycle of your assets. Seamlessly accessing a range of asset monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications, users experience streamlined and simplified workflows.

Within MAS, the renowned Maximo Asset Management solution is now known as ‘Manage.’ This powerful product offers enterprise-level functionality for optimizing asset life cycles, including asset, work, and inventory management features.

Additionally, MAS includes the following innovative products:

Monitor: Collects data from your existing operational technology (OT) systems and presents it through intuitive dashboard displays, allowing you to easily detect anomalies and make informed decisions.

Health: Manage asset health with comprehensive dashboard displays that facilitate lifecycle planning, ensuring optimal asset performance and longevity.

Predict: Utilize machine learning and data analytics to predict the likelihood of future asset failures, empowering proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.

Visual Inspection: Perform asset visual inspections using advanced tools and receive actionable notifications of potential issues, enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Assist: Empower field technicians with mobile AI and AR apps that provide troubleshooting and repair information, accelerating the resolution of issues.

Safety: Monitor worker health and safety with mobile apps and a centralized dashboard, ensuring a secure and compliant work environment.

Empowering Hybrid Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift

At the core of the Maximo Application Suite’s technology stack lies a robust hybrid cloud platform powered by Red Hat OpenShift. This groundbreaking architecture offers Maximo clients unparalleled flexibility and scalability, enabling the software to run seamlessly on any enterprise-grade, cloud-native platform.

One of the key components within this architecture is the IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a comprehensive suite of unified, domain-specific software capabilities. Designed to simplify and integrate data-driven processes, Cloud Paks provide an unmatched level of cohesion. What sets them apart is their unique ability to be extended by Maximo’s extensive ecosystem of business partners and open-source communities.

Experience the Power of Hybrid Cloud with Maximo Application Suite:

Harness the immense potential of hybrid cloud technology by leveraging the advanced capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift within the Maximo Application Suite. Benefit from the inherent flexibility, scalability, and interoperability provided by this innovative architecture, empowering your organization to effortlessly adapt and grow.

Unleash Data-driven Insights with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Leverage the comprehensive suite of software capabilities offered by the IBM Cloud Pak for Data to unlock the true value of your data. Seamlessly integrate Maximo’s cutting-edge asset management solutions with the unified and domain-specific features of Cloud Pak. Streamline processes, gain deeper insights, and make well-informed decisions that drive your organization forward.

Expand Your Horizons with Maximo’s Thriving Ecosystem

Maximo Application Suite thrives within a vibrant ecosystem of esteemed business partners and dynamic user communities. Collaborate within our trusted network of experts to extend the functionality of your Maximo software and tap into a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and innovation, propelling your asset management processes to new heights.

Embrace the Power of Hybrid Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift

Discover the boundless possibilities offered by hybrid cloud technology through the Maximo Application Suite. Partner with us to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and integration capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift, unlocking the true potential of your asset management operations.

Maximo Application Suite User Types

The Maximo Application Suite offers three distinct user types: Limited, Base, and Premium. Each user type has its own set of access privileges and consumes varying amounts of AppPoints.

Limited Users: Limited Users consume 5 AppPoints and enjoy access to 3 modules within Manage, Monitor, Mobile, and Assist functionalities.

Base Users: Base Users consume 10 AppPoints and have access to Manage, along with additional features such as Health, Scheduler, and Safety.

Premium Users: Premium Users consume 15 AppPoints and have access to Manage Industry solutions and the Predict module.

Furthermore, there is a specific user type called “Install,” which is utilized to support Adapters for Manage, such as ERP and Spatial. This user type is represented by a single AppPoint.

Administrators within the system are also considered users, with allocated app points to ensure continuous access. Base Administrators possess the authority to set up users regardless of the application’s tier level. The Manage administrator is designated as an Application Admin User.

Please note that the number of Limited Use User licenses must adhere to a ratio of 3 Authorized Limited Use User licenses to 1 Authorized Use User License of Maximo Asset Management or an Industry Solution.

Understanding AppPoints

With Maximo Application Suite, IBM has introduced a streamlined licensing model called AppPoints. AppPoints offer a simplified approach to licensing and usage by utilizing a credit-based “pool” system. They serve as the currency for managing application usage, runtime, and user access.

From the user’s perspective, AppPoint usage remains transparent. Users simply log in, select their desired application, and seamlessly work within it, without needing to be aware of the underlying AppPoints.

The pool of AppPoints granted by your license is shared across all instances of the Maximo Application Suite, based on the order of requests. Whether it’s reserved or concurrent user logins from multiple instances, only one checkout of AppPoints occurs, given that the entitlement of the logged-in user remains the same.

Your Maximo Application Suite organization’s user access limit is determined by your contracted AppPoint entitlement. Monitoring your AppPoint usage allows you to periodically assess whether adjustments to your entitlement are necessary, ensuring that your license file remains up to date.

Benefits of AppPoints

Maximo Application Suite’s AppPoints licensing model offers enhanced flexibility compared to the legacy Maximo model of authorized, limited, and express users.

With AppPoints, you gain entitlement to access the entire suite of MAS modules while only paying for the specific applications you utilize.

This unique approach allows you to optimize costs by paying solely for the functionalities you require. As a result, customers can benefit from significant discounts on AppPoints, and MAS customers may discover that AppPoints offer even lower costs compared to traditional Maximo licenses.

AppPoints provide an additional layer of flexibility beyond traditional licensing models. They enable you to adjust your entitlement to align with your evolving needs. By monitoring your AppPoint usage, you can periodically evaluate whether your entitlement requires adjustment and easily update your license file accordingly.

Experience the benefits of flexibility, cost savings, and adaptability by transitioning your licensing to AppPoints. Contact us today to learn more about this process. 


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Watch a sampling of core Maximo/Manage features demonstrated in these 3- 7 minute video snippets!  From Navigation, Start Center Personalization, Application Queries and more – your favorite Maximo feature sets – and more! – are available in IBM Maximo Application Suite today!

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