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IBM’s Maximo Application Suite (MAS) combines Maximo’s decades of Asset Management leadership with IBM’s technology leadership in AI, IoT, Security, and Hybrid Cloud.

Leveraging its extensive software research and development teams, IBM has extended Maximo into a suite of products, called MAS.  This suite of products builds on Maximo’s feature set to provide advanced Maintenance, AI, AR, and reliability applications in one platform.

With this expanded access to asset performance and predictive management applications, MAS will provide increased operational visibility to assets throughout their entire life cycle.   Users can access a variety of asset monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications in a streamlined and simplified manner.

Within MAS, Maximo is renamed to ‘Manage’. Products within the suite include:

    • Manage: Maximo’s Asset Management solution, featuring enterprise functionality asset, work and inventory management features to optimize the life cycles of your assets
    • Monitor: Collects data from your existing OT systems to dashboard displays to detect anomalies.
    • Health: Manages asset health through dashboard displays for lifecycle planning.
    • Predict: Predicts likelihood of future failures through machine learning and data analytics.
    • Visual Inspection: Performs asset visual inspections to get actionable notifications of potential issues.
    • Assist: Mobile AI and AR apps to assist field technician with troubleshooting and repair information.
    • Safety: Mobile apps and dashboard to monitoring worker health and safety.


The technology stack of Maximo Application Suite starts with hybrid cloud platform services built on Red Hat OpenShift. This innovative architecture provides Maximo clients flexibility and growth in enabling the software to run on any enterprise-grade, cloud-native platform.

Within this architecture is the IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which delivers a set of unified, domain-specific software capabilities. Offering an unprecedented degree of simplification and integration, Cloud Paks are easily extended by Maximo’s ecosystem of business partners and open-source communities.


Learn more about the Maximo Application Suite with these 30-minute webinars detailing a Suite Overview, New Licensing Information and the Suite’s Technology Framework!


Watch a sampling of core Maximo/Manage features demonstrated in these 3- 7 minute video snippets!  From Navigation, Start Center Personalization, Application Queries and more – your favorite Maximo feature sets – and more! – are available in IBM Maximo Application Suite today!

Single, integrated Maximo Asset Management Platform

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