Maximo Community Reunites at MaximoWorld 2021

Key Takeaways from Maximo World 2021

Starboard’s Vice President and Technical Director Amy Tatum, Sales Executive Samuel McKinney and Executive Director Karen Buck at MaximoWorld.

For nearly 18 months, the Maximo Community has not been able to gather in person. And while there have been incredible webinars, virtual user group meetings, lots and lots of emails and phone calls – nothing compares to face-to-face conversations, cups of coffee, demos, and discussions with members of the amazing Maximo Community.

Reliability Web’s MaximoWorld Conference, held on August 3 – 5, 2021, reunited over 600 Maximo Individuals for 3 jammed pack days of networking and learning!

Starboard’s Executive Director, Karen Buck, Vice President and Technical Director, Amy Tatum, Senior Functional Director, John Brietz, and new Sales Executive, Samuel McKinney all attended MaximoWorld – and walked away energized and excited with the latest information on Maximo and its related technologies

Starboard’s Key Takeaways from MaximoWorld include:

User Communities

Highlighting the commitment of numerous Maximo Users, Pre-conference Industry-specific user group meeting opportunities were enabled by Reliability Web. From the long-standing Transportation, Airport, Facilities User Groups to newly formed Consumer Market Maximo User Groups – the sessions were filled with detailed information sharing and industry collaboration.

Integrated Data

A consistent topic that came up in discussion, whether in keynotes or regular chats, was the industry-wide push to more integrated data capabilities. There is a significant need for not only more powerful/accurate data processing, but also cross-integration ability for that data to be utilized across a variety of different platforms and scenarios. IOT, AI and VR seem to be driving factors behind this, but there are many other positives aside from those three talking points.

Speaking of Data

As we listened to the latest technology innovation, Starboard immediately related this to many of our client implementations who have an overwhelming quantity of data coming in on a daily basis.

From sensors and devices, field workers, BIM models, etc. – data is everywhere! And all of the capabilities of AI and the tools in Maximo Application Suite are very data-dependent.

But the challenge is that those tools require “good” data. So now more than ever – is the time to get your Maximo house in order, applying standards to and cleaning up your location and asset hierarchies, failure codes, priorities, classifications, etc. Having a solid foundation, coupled with the stream of new data coming in, will enable industries to take advantage of the Maximo tools to drive reliability.

Sam McKinney with Spot at MaximoWorld

Starboard’s Sales Executive Sam McKinney with Boston’s Dynamics Spot at MaximoWorld

AI/AR/VR are here!

Driven in part by industry demand, and in part by the global “Infrastructure 4.0” initiatives, Maximo is being looked at as a go-to solution for more complex processing involving AI and VR. A big talking point throughout the conference was Digital Twins – with the multiple uses and benefits it enables. VR is also becoming a more realistic possibility, as the technology’s ease of implementation and integration has significantly increased.

Starboard looks forward to continued networking with the Maximo Community – whether in person or virtually!

Be sure to stay up to date with the Maximo User Communities and contact us if you have any questions on Maximo Implementations, Services, Training or more!