Looking for some unique, inspiring information to maximize your use of Maximo in just 10 minutes? 

Check out these insightful Maximo Client Presentations from the December 2021 Florida and Georgia User Group meeting!  Hosted by Starboard Consulting, this Virtual Conference featured a range of Maximo topics from mobile, training, data updates, and asset hierarchies and more!

Whether you are waiting for a Maximo Ear file to deploy – or for an Inventory Reorder Routine to complete – these are ‘not to miss’ videos!  

The 7 unique 10-minute sessions are listed below with the Presenters Name, Company Name, Topic and Video Link. Enjoy!

Doug Bilbruck, Greater Orlando Airport ‘Technician Mobile Training’

 Phyllis Clayton, Georgia Department of Labor ‘Teams Use of Maximo’           

 Jennifer Lawrence-Jones, Tampa Bay Water ‘Bulk Data Updates using Upload/Download’

Erica Powell, City of Pompano Beach Utilities ‘Asset Hierarchies’

 Jordan Smith, IBM ‘Maximo UI’

Scott Smith, Skookum Services ‘Reliability, Asset Management and Field Technicians’

Melissa Phillips, Penn State ‘Mind the Gap! Penn State’s Bite-Sized Training Strategy for Addressing Work Performers’ Knowledge Gap of Desktop Requisitions ’

Additionally, all of videos can be accessed via this playlist here

Please join me in thanking each presenter for their time in preparing and presenting at the conference by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ on each of their video recordings!

If you have any questions on this – or are interested in presenting at a future Maximo Conference, please reach out to me at Pam Denny, [email protected]

Thank you!