Starboard Consulting is thrilled to announce that Starboard’s Vice President and Technical Director, Amy Tatum, has been named an IBM Champion for 2022!   For those that have had the opportunity to know and work with Amy – you all know she is a #MaximoMaster!  

If you haven’t met Amy – she’s amazing!   At Starboard, she works tirelessly in providing Implementation, Upgrade, GIS/Spatial, Integration and Configuration Services and more to numerous Maximo clients.   With nearly 25 years of Maximo experience, Amy’s Maximo and Industry-Specific Best Practices is unmatched.

Amy is well-known within the Maximo Community for her knowledge and expertise.  She continually works to share this information so others can learn and grow their use of Maximo.  In 2021, Amy presented at 18 different webinars and events.  These included Maximo User Group conferences, Maximo webinars and Industry leading seminars.

A sampling of some of Amy’s most popular webinars in 2021 include:

  1. Maximo Application Suite Overview” with IBM’s Product Manager, Kim Woodbury
  2. Maximo Application Suite Licensing “with IBM’s Product Manager, Lisa Stuckless
  3. Maximo Application Suite Technology” with IBM’s Development Manager, Steve Hauptman
  4. Maximo Application Suite Integrations” with IBM’s Product Architect, Tom Sarasin
  5. Maximo Mobile and Inspections” with IBM’s Product Architect, Vinicius Garmatz
  6. Drilling down into Maximo Application Suite UI” with IBM’s Product Architect, Jordan Smith
  7. Getting Started with Maximo’s Inventory Work Centers” with IBM’s Maximo Architect, Thomas Knowles
  8. Bridging the Asset Data Gap: BIM and Maximo” with IBM’s BIM Architect, Thomas Knowles
  9. Powering Next Gen Utilities Operations with Maximo” with IBM’s Worldwide Utility Industry Leader, Terry Saunders
  10. Maximo Spatial Lessons Learned” with Starboard Technical Team

Please join Starboard in congratulating Amy for this honor as #IBMChampion!