Let’s continue to explore Maximo/Manage features in the new IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS)!

Starboard Consulting recently introduced a series of Maximo/Manage video snippets.  These 3 to 10 minute videos highlight Maximo features and functionality we all love in a MAS Environment.

The initial 7 videos highlighted below  in the MAS Tech Snippet serries focused on Navigation and Application features and functionality.

1 – Navigation . Start Centers

2 – Start Center Portlet

3 – Application List Page

4 – Application Queries

5 – Application Actions

6 – Create new Record

7 – Attachments

Today, Starboard is building on that collection of videos by adding 8 more!  These next series of videos include functional areas of Child Records, Reports, Administration, Security Access, Application Designer and Database Configuration.

You can access the new videos at the individual links below, or via Starboard’s MAS Technical Snippet Playlist

8 – Child Records

9 – Run Reports

 10 – Create Report (QBR)

 11 – MAS Administration

 12 – Maximo Administration

 13 – Work Centers and Maximo Mobile Access

 14 – Application Designer

 15 – Database Configuration

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Please contact us at [email protected] for any questions, or if you would like to explore Maximo/Manage in more detail.  Thank you!