Interested in hearing the latest on the Maximo 761 and MAS Roadmap Releases?

In this 30-minute webinar, I’m joined by IBM’s Senior Product Manager, Kim Woodbury, as we explore both the Maximo 7.6.1 and Maximo Application Suite (MAS) roadmaps.  Highlights of this webinar included

  • Review of the release priorities – including Technology, Modernization, Analytics, and the Journey to Predict – and their impact on each release stream.
  • Impact of the recent End of Service Announcement for Maximo 7.6.1 in September 2025,
  • Details on the MAS platform and licensing

Numerous questions were asked during the session – a sampling of your questions and our respones are shown below: 

1. MAS can only be installed in a Linux environment?

MAS is installed in a RedHat Open Shift Containerized Environment only.  For clients who may want to use Cloud or hosted solutions, IBM offers a MAS Managed Services hosted environment.

2. Do we have Infrastructure requirements for VM/ Servers with Configurations based current set up?

Detailed infrastructure requirements for MAS can be found here:

Please note you will be prompted to select the MAS version you are using, along with the individual component products deployed within your environment (Ex. Manage, Monitor, Assist etc.)

Additionally, a detailed sizing calculator is available at the end of this link to help you estimate the minimum resources you need for your MAS environment

3. Can MAS be on the Microsoft Azure Gallery and Cloud on Azure as well ?

MAS with Red Hat Open Shift can be deployed on a variety of cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and IBM Cloud.

For Azure, this link may be useful as it details how to enable MAS/Maximo within Azure cloud:

*Note:  This is for the MAS 8.6 version.  The latest MAS version is 8.7.

Additionally, please note you can find the software compatibility matrix for MAS and Maximo/Manage here:

Once you are on the page – be sure to scroll down to select the MAS version you are looking for along with the individual products (called here as Containers).   For example, if you are only planning on using Maximo/Manage – deselect the other products (ex. Assist, Health and Predict).  If you do not deselect them, your requirements will be greatly overstated.

Once you submit this request, a report is prepared which you can then view in a browser or export to pdf.

4. Will current BIRT reports still work in the MAS environment? Just to get clarification…BIRT will be no longer available in MAS8?

BIRT is included and BIRT reports are operational in Maximo/Manage in MAS.   In the latest MAS 8.7 release, the version of BIRT was upgraded to Version 4.8.

IBM has recently announced that the upgrade to BIRT 4.8 is the last BIRT upgrade and that they plan to utilize Cognos for Maximo.  MAS 8.9, expected for release in November 2022, is planned as the first version of MAS with Cognos.   Additional Application Points (Licenses) will be required to utilize Cognos with MAS and Maximo/Manage.

5. Will there be a webinar on the requirements to move to MAS V8?

Starboard’s next webinar is on May 24, 2022, at 1pm EST.  In that webinar, Starboard will review additional Technical features with IBM’s Steve Hauptman.   If you have specific content or questions you would like to see answered, please email them to [email protected]

6. In what version do mobile applications become included?

IBM’s new Maximo Mobile application is available within MAS.  It can also be enabled with a Maximo environment.  To use Maximo Mobile in Maximo, you must purchase Application Point licenses.

The detailed document on enabling Maximo Mobile with Maximo is available here.

7. Can you please supply the Maximo upgrade playbook link?

The playbook link is

8. Could you please provide a link to the document or resources detailing new MAS licensing mentioned in the presentation?

This is a link to the Starboard Webinar last year on MAS licensing:


Don’t miss this information-packed webinar!  Watch today and contact us at info@starboard-consulting for more information!


Amy Tatum, Vice-President, Technical Director, Starboard Consulting