Announcing StarMax

After over a decade of successful project execution, providing their clients with mission-critical solutions for business operations, centered around IBM’s suite of solutions, Starboard Consulting has launched an expansion of the company’s vision for the future.

Starboard Joins Forces with Neptune Software

The company has entered into a strategic partnership with Neptune Software to use their technology solutions in delivering enhanced user experiences and building a new generation of mobile applications.

Starboard Consulting has taken the company’s collective experience to establish a new solution optimization and product development initiative to bring the next generation of capabilities to a broad range of roles in client businesses around the world.

Announcing StarMax

Called StarMax, this solution is based on Neptune Software’s DX Platform, an enterprise transformation solution that is already in use at major corporations around the world.

For Starboard, this new initiative was driven by consistent client requests to seek out superior user experiences and simplified solutions for their business processes but with particular emphasis on mobile workers.

For Neptune Software, the partnership expands their current dominance of SAP Enterprise Solution based adoption with offerings for clients utilizing IBM’s suite of business operations and asset management platforms.

“We believe the advances in mobile technology, coupled with an increasing proliferation of IoT type devices capable of two way communication, will enable our clients to transform many areas of their day to day business – not just in the “traditional” roles of field workers, but also for a wider range of roles in operations, warehouse, management, customers and executive leadership,” states Karen Buck, President of Starboard Consulting.

“Our vision is to bring role-specific solutions that maximize the capabilities of mobile platforms, while seamlessly integrating with current and future releases of business operations technology platforms today and in the years ahead.”

Amy Tatum, EVP of Operations Solutions for Starboard Consulting

Digital Experience Platform of the Future

“We see this alliance as a strategic step in enabling businesses to unlock more value from their business operations systems and are committed to our partnership with Starboard Consulting in helping clients realize true value from their use of the Neptune DX Platform,” states Andreas Sulejewski, Chief Executive Officer for Neptune Software.

This solution will be focused on unlocking value for executive leadership from business operations solutions such as EAM software, with a suite of initial applications available in Q4 of 2020. This will be followed by a range of solutions individually focused on optimizing different aspects of business operations and user groups during 2021.

The launch of these new capabilities is supported by a suite of offerings that underpin their delivery and support the rapid deployment of efficient and safe operations at businesses and facilities around the world.

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StarMax by Starboard Consulting and Neptune Software